Going Green is Fact not Fiction at Humber College

Published: October 16, 2009

Humber College is reducing its environmental footprint through ‘brighter’ green initiatives.

Recently, 1050 halogen lights were replaced at the North and Lakeshore campuses with new LED lights from CRS Electronics Inc. “The energy reduction is significant from 50W per lamp down to 6W and they last much longer which reduces waste,” says Spencer Wood, manager, Maintenance & Operations.

The change in bulbs is expected to reduce Humber’s energy consumption from 2,625,000 kWh to 315,000 kWh over the life of the bulbs and generate an 88 per cent reduction in electrical demand and consumption.

This is the latest of many energy efficiency measures that have been implemented in the past three years. Humber is currently using 15 per cent less energy per square foot than four years ago.

“Making the decision to switch to a greener product was easy. During testing it was clear that CRS’s MR16 outperformed the competition,” said David Griffin, manager, Maintenance & Operations. “With CRS’s innovative lights we will reduce operating costs by $525,000 over the estimated nine-year life of the bulbs, in addition to doing our part to reduce our carbon footprint.”

For more information on Humber, visit: humber.ca.


One thought on “Going Green is Fact not Fiction at Humber College

  1. Is there a huge cost difference between these light bulbs? If it reduces so much energy, and saves so much money over time, why isn`t this happening more places?!

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