Sustainability Committee Meeting 10/21/09

Attendees: Brian Naasz, Andrew Ratzke, Becca Krzmarzick, Emily Tollefson, Joe Bell, Barb McConathy, Dave Kohler, Chrissy Cooley, Wendy Robins,
1. Announcements

-Tabling for Take Back The Tap next Mon, Tues 11-2 in Red Square

-Will also be calling for the Clean Energy Jobs and American Power Act! –


-Hired Kenny Stansel to be the new Program Leader for Sustainability


-More halls signed up Sustainability Directors

-America Recycles kick off coming soon, thinking about Lids Off campaign


-True Cleaning event in the works for Nov. 18th, as part of America Recycles Week


-It was decided that a 2 each of smartstrips, TBTT bottles, and resusable bags will be donated for the Christmas Luncheon

2. unPLUg

– the way winners are announced needs to be planned, possibly dinner time at the UC

– Next bracket is in February, prizes are a concern

– Monitoring will continue to see if there is an impact when not in competition


-Tabling is next week

-Charter still needs some work to add a metric/tracking component and the responsible parties

-RHA volunteered their swipe system to develop a voluntary listserv as people sign the pledge


-A walkthrough has been scheduled for 2:30 on 11/4 with Joe, Andrew, Dave, and Sara Paz

-Becca and Andrew are in the process of picking out racks

-Emphasis on promoting a bike culture as the big picture, not just installing racks.  This could include

A bike parade

Selling helmets

Incorporated LuteFit

Revamping the bike co-op

5.South Sound Sustainability Summit and Expo

-Keynote Speaker is still needed

-General theme is “activating the green generation”

-Next meeting is 10/22, sponsorship will be a major topic of discussion

-Concerns over placement of the Expo, Olson vs. UC

Women’s Club knows the layouts well

6.PLU 2020

-Task Force will be starting in regards to incorporating sustainability into 2020 planning


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