Coal Country

PLU may not get their energy from coal-burning power plants, but by using the hydroelectricity wisely, areas that do rely on coal may benefit by making our hydro stretch.  This is an area not far from my home town, and this issue is deeply important to me.  Ohio, largely due to Ohio Valley Coal, has some of the highest cancer rates in the country.  That issue isn’t even touched by this DVD, but the environmental justice atrocities and ecology destruction is done fairly well.


You have to see the footage of the destruction to believe it.

From Nov. 10th-14th, the Sierra Club is organizing house parties in communities nationwide to show a special sneak preview of Coal Country, a new, not yet released documentary about mountaintop removal coal mining in Appalachia.

As a Sierra Club activist, you have an exclusive opportunity to receive a free DVD and host a Coal Country documentary house party of your own! Click here to get started.

The coal industry is literally blasting apart our mountains to access the coal seams within, and dumping the waste into our streams. This destructive practice not only permanently scars our mountains; it pollutes local water sources, threatens the health of nearby residents and divides communities.

Hosting a viewing party in your home is an easy and powerful way to contribute to the growing national movement to end mountaintop removal coal mining.

As a host, you will receive a free 45 minute special version of the film, discussion questions on the issue, a party planning guide, and materials for guests to take action immediately after watching the film.

There will also be a phone line for parties to call into to hear special guests including celebrities, coalfield residents in the film and leaders of Sierra Club’s Beyond Coal campaign, talk about the issue and how we can take action in our own communities.

Sign up now to host a Coal Country House Party in your community, and receive your free sneak peek DVD!

Thank you for helping to end mountaintop removal mining.


Mary Anne Hitt,
Deputy Director Sierra Club Beyond Coal campaign


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