Admissions Meeting

I had the pleasure of joining our Office of Admissions this morning to discuss Sustainability in their department.  I started with a very brief intro of what is already being done on campus, and what’s in the pipe; just in case they wanted to hop on those projects.

More importantly, I asked what they would change about PLU to make it a more earth-friendly univeristy.  Here is what they said:

1.  Add signage- For everything!  People don’t know that the foaming soap that PLU uses doesn’t need water, so you can save it.  People don’t know that the paper towels we use are biodegradable, so they can stow them in the compost bin.  We need signs to make the programs that are already in place effective!

2.  Why are the tennis court lights on 24/7?  Can we get a timer on those?

3.  Can communication students work on some of our weak advertising as a project?  That would be real-life experience and giving back to the school.

4.  Can we get light sensors for infrequently used areas that have lights on all the time?  ie, bathrooms, hallways overnight, etc.

Well, I have already begun talking to the Communications Faculty to get something going with them, that is a great idea.  it also looks like Admissions may be the first Department to pilot composting their paper towels.   Fantastic!  I’m looking into the tennis court lighting, I think that’s good point.  But for the office lights;  if the lights are on when you come to work in the morning, chances are that means you didn’t turn them off the night before.  Let’s work on that before we go for sensors, people.

These are fantastic ideas that came out of one brief discussion on a rainy morning.  Maybe other departments, groups, organizations, etc would be interested in engaging in more talks like these.  Call Me!!!


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