unPLUg- off and…well just off

No unnecessary appliances running here!  Devices are turned off and even unplugged, lights switched and clothes airdrying, all in attempts to reduce the energy consumption int he residence halls of PLU.  Eight halls are pitted against each other in a fight to curb the electricity that contributes to global climate change, local ecosystem destruction and extremely inflated costs that prevent money form going to more useful programs.

This bracket goes from September 28th to October 28th, and the winners will each receive a smartstrip in their room to guarantee future Lutes will not be using so much wasted energy.  Smartstrips cut phantom load, or the energy used even when an appliance is switched “off”.  The halls are Harstad vs. Tinglestad, Foss vs. Hong, Hinderlie vs. Pflueger, and Ordal vs. Stuen.  These winners will then advance to compete in bracket two in February.

What are halls doing to win?  Stuen has held entire floor meetings on the subject and Ordal is walking around in dim hallways.  Girls in Pflueger have pledged to give up a hairdryer for the month.  Energy efficient light bulbs are appearing in rooms.  But what else!?!  Energy is going down.  Only five buildings on campus have real time metering capabilities, but those five  are showing drops.  Why?  What is going on out there?  Please comment with what you are doing in your hall.  Maybe you can inspire someone else.


2 thoughts on “unPLUg- off and…well just off

  1. unPLUg is such a wonderful opportunity not only to educate our students, but our community on how to move towards a more sustainable future. I’d love to hear what halls and even individuals are doing to try and win for their dorms, so post as much and as often as you like. Also, if anyone has any ideas for events that could tie into unPLUg, I am the sustainability director or ASPLU and would really appreciate hearing from what the students would like to see happen related to energy reduction in the halls. Shoot me and email, or throw your ideas up here.

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